What is early intervention? Who is the Early Intervention Service geared towards? Objective
What is early intervention?

Early intervention is the group of services offered at Corazon Contento to special needs children (between birth and 6 years of age), and their families. The primary goal is provide therapy as early as possible to these children. The earlier the therapy can be started, for both temporary and permanent needs, the more successful it will be in assuaging developmental delays.

The ultimate goal of early intervention is to help children fully develop into independent individuals.

Who is the Early Intervention Service geared towards?

This service is geared towards children, 0-6 years old, who, as a result of their biological or psychosocial conditions either presently showing developmental delays or are at risk for developing delays. Every child has a treatment program designed specifically for his/her individual needs; the family and the child’s environment are taken into consideration in the development of the treatment plan.


The main goal of early intervention for children showing special needs is to provide the attention that will maximize their capacity to develop, while improving their health, integration into their families, school, society and therefore improving their personal autonomy. To achieve this objective Corazon Contento employs physical therapy, psychomotor stimulation, and cognitive stimulation. In addition, support and counseling is offered to parents.