In 2006, William M. Ashman, an American resident in Granada, noticed the horrific reality experienced by the special needs infants, children and adults in the area. To his dismay, he discovered that there was no social support for this segment of society. So, he decided to help by starting an organization that could make a difference in the lives of these individuals. He founded a group named Corazon Contento, which translates to: Happy Heart. The group included an assortment of people of various nationalities, levels of familiarity with the reality of Granada, and professional backgrounds, all of whom had a common desire to work for the rights of individuals with special needs. In 2008, after the acquisition and remodeling of a building, hiring teachers and staff and forming programs, Happy Heart opened its doors. Happy Heart is operated legally through the Fundación FUNCIONA, a NGO founded by the group’s first director, Paloma Andres. Alba Serres Robles took over as director in 2010 and will be followed by Patricia Fernandez and Alberto Martinez Cuartero in January 2014. Corazon Contento is supported by the Ashman-, Wyckoff-family, Transmerquim and other loyal donors.