General Objectives

  • To improve Granada’s disabled residents’ quality of life.
  • To create awareness within the community and build a society with equal rights, understanding that diversity is a source of potential opportunities.
  • To promote the employment of special needs individuals within the community (which will facilitate their independent living as they age) through the use of media as well as through the community’s direct contact with these special needs individuals.
  • To continue improving our technology, treatments, and therapies to better serve this community.

Specific Objectives

  • To maximize the number of families and special needs individuals that Corazon Contento can serve.
  • To integrate our students into society and create access to the labor sector.
  • To continue to create and implement methods adapted to the needs of each student that will generate significant improvements in their capabilities.
  • To increase awareness and understanding towards people with special needs within their families, as well as in businesses and the local society in general.
  • To develop the autonomy of the special needs individuals through education improving social-, communication- and hygiene- skills in order to achieve independence in all individual aspects.
  • To strengthen oral, written and visual communication of people with special needs through alternative systems and augmentative communication.
  • To strengthen the effectiveness of the interpersonal relationships of special needs individuals.