Welcome to the Corazon Contento (HAPPY HEART) which is a center in Granada, Nicaragua serving people with special needs, founded in 2008. Corazon Contento operates since 2010 legally under the Spanish foundation: FUNDACION FUNCIONA (in English, this means “it works”). Our center integrates the services of early intervention (new borns – preschool), and occupational therapy (18+ years). We seek to help individuals with special needs in Granada to realize their maximum potential and to integrate them into the community, there where possible.

Historically in Nicaragua, there has been very little access to developmental programs for individuals with special needs. Therefore, their educational and professional options have been extremely limited. Children born with special needs are marginalized by society within their first year of life. There has been no social consciousness or government support for this group of people; as a consequence, to this point there have not been options, especially for poor families, that will allow their special needs children to have a better quality of life. Sustainability of Corazon Contento is imperative to ensure ongoing support of this previously forgotten group of people. After five years of working with this community, we continue to refine our program to fully meet their needs. (Please see the Reports tab of our website to follow our progress.) Our vision for the future is to allow all special needs individuals in Granada, despite their condition or economic level, to have equal access to our Center.